Derrick A. Havens: Executive Life Coach
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       BUSINESS LIFE COACHING             



    A life coach can help you in achieving your     personal best, goal setting and achievement,     overcoming fears and phobias, improving     working relationships, improving personal     relationships, improving communication     skills, managing up or down, balancing     personal and professional life, decision     making, generating possibilities, setting     expectations of yourself and others, time     management, problem solving, resolving     conflict and team building

  • Executives wanting personal
    and professional growth
  • Entreprenours who want to
    start their own business
  • Business owners that want
    to grow their business
  • Organizations in need of
    sales training
  • People who want to improve
    mentally and physically
  • People who need a business plan
  • Businesses that want to expand
    their business through the Internet
  • People who want to feel stronger mentally and physically


About Us

Derrick Havens graduated from UC Riverside with a B.A. in Political Science. Twenty-five years in the consulting, training and seminar business combined with owning and operating several small businesses has given him a uniquely creative and solution-driven view of life and work. He’s been using NLP in his consulting and training for over 20 years. He's optimistic, pro-active and energetic in his approach to his clients' goals and challenges.

Derrick is someone who makes life happen. He believes you are what you think. He believes that the everyday choices we make have a significant impact on whether or not we will live out our dreams. He likes to inspire others to look at the way they work, live and think. As a coach, he is passionate about what he does. He is a good listener, intuitive and not afraid to ask the difficult questions.

He continues to run two successful companies and knows first-hand the excitement and challenges that business people face.

Derrick coaches out of his office in San Diego, CA and is available for on-site training, workshops, individual and group sessions. Coaching sessions are conducted in person or over the telephone. Clients can call from anywhere. All sessions are confidential.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You should expect significant value out of every single session . To ensure this, weprovide a 100%, money-back, satisfaction guarantee for all life coaching sessions.  If you are not completely satisfied with any particular session, you will immediately receive a refund



Derrick A. Havens
Executive Life Coach
SFO Consulting, Inc.
P.O. Box 9492
San Diego, CA 92169

Phone (619) 272-3450
 Fax      (858) 272-3891










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