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What can a life coach do for me?

    A life coach can help you with achieving your     personal best, goal setting and achievement,     overcoming fears and phobias, improving     working relationships, improving personal     relationships, improving communication     skills, managing up or down, balancing     personal and professional life, decision     making, generating possibilities, setting     expectations of yourself and others, time     management, problem solving, resolving     conflict and team building

Who can use a life coach?

  • Executives wanting personal
    and professional growth
  • Entreprenours who want to
    start their own business
  • Business owners that want
    to grow their business
  • Organizations in need of
    sales training
  • People who want to improve
    mentally and physically
  • People who need a business plan
  • Businesses that want to expand
    their business through the Internet
  • People who want to feel stronger mentally and physically

          Executive Life Coach Derrick Havens

What is a Personal Development Coach or Executive Coach?

The term “Coach” comes from the Middle English word coche, which meant “a wagon or carriage”. A “coach” is literally a vehicle which carries a person or group of people from some starting location to a desired location The concept is that the “coach” conveys or transports the student through his or her examinations to a desired result.

Coaching is more focused on a behavioral level, referring to the process of helping another person to achieve or improve a particular behavioral performance.

Coaching is solution focused and outcome-oriented rather than problem-oriented. The goal is essentially a person’s or group’s desired state or outcome. The techniques used to accomplish these outcomes are largely drawn from the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

A life coach can help you improve your professional and personal relationships and can help you realize your untapped potential. Choosing the right life coach can make the difference in how fast and how large your personal growth actually is. Our article on What to look for in an executive life coach will help you determine if our life coaching service is for you. As a certified NLP instuctor for over 20 years, I know how to get the very best out of the people I work with.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP in Coaching for Change

The skills and tools of NLP are ideally suited for promoting effective coaching. NLP’s focus on well formed outcomes, it’s foundation in modeling and it’s ability to produce step-by-step processes to promote excellence make it one of the most important and powerful resources for an executive life coach.

NLP skills help in:

  • Establishing goals and well formed outcomes
  • Managing internal states
  • Taking different perceptual positions
  • Identifying moments of excellence
  • Mapping across resources
  • Providing high quality feedback

Derrick has been a certified instructor of NLP for over 20 years and has been effectively using it to establish changes not only in his own life but in individuals from all diverse walks of life.

Derrick coaches out of his office in San Diego, CA and is available for on-site training, workshops, individual and group sessions. Coaching sessions are conducted in person or over the telephone. Clients can call from anywhere. All sessions are confidential.

Call the executive life coach that can make the difference in your life. We offer a free initial consultation so you have nothing to lose. You can fly. Let us show you how!

Derrick A. Havens
Executive Life Coach
SFO Consultants, Inc.
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San Diego, CA 92169

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